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The Urban95 Academy is a leadership programme designed for Municipal/District leaders across the world to learn and develop strategies to make cities better for babies, toddlers and their caregivers.

The Urban95 Academy is a joint collaboration between the Bernard van Leer Foundation and the London School of Economics and Political Science building on their experiences in executive education. The programme aims to help City Planners, Designers, and other urban professionals working for local government understand how their work impacts early childhood development.  

The North Tongu City Team joined the second cohort on 2nd May, 2022. The team is made up of the Mayor/District Chief Executive, Hon. Osborn Divine Fenu, the District Planning Officer, Mr. Nunekpeku Jacob and the Head, Department of Social Welfare and Community Development, Mr. Albert Henyo.

The main objectives of joining the programme are; to understand how cities that are designed to support the wellbeing of babies, toddlers and caregivers are better for all. Also, to help evaluate what matters for young children and caregivers and gain the tools and skills to build our baseline assessment to measure long-term impact.

Furthermore, the programme is to aid in developing effective strategies that serve as investment in improving social and spatial infrastructures. It is expected to help understand how to implement policy and deliver services that meet the needs of young children and caregivers, and make cities more sustainable and equitable.

Again, this platform will help learning especially in relation to how to design accessible neighbourhoods, public spaces and transport systems, and develop financially viable projects that provide public value for money for the benefit of all citizens.

Published On: 06/06/22